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Colour & Lighting Event @ Newcastle University

A series of images from our event 'Colour & Lighting' held at Newcastle University. 

3200 Colours @ Vane Gallery

26 Aprilto19 MayWednesday to Saturday12:00pm to 5:00pmRachael Clewlow creates rigorous and detailed recordings of her everyday movements. Meticulously documenting this mass of information in diaries, this abstract record of the banal to the unexpected becomes a form of trace from which Clewlow begins to construct paintings and prints.

Over the past two years Clewlow has created a large body of new work. A series of paintings, presented in groups, focus on a set of specific pre-defined walks in Newcastle, Rochdale and London. Each walk represents a performative journey made to explore location. Often walking for miles to discover a new place, an ever-growing mass of information builds to document a constantly shifting world around the path she takes. Clewlow keeps a series of ‘statistical diaries’ in which her routes are logged, through dedicated, almost ritualistic daily recording. These diaries – exquisite objects in their own right – are the source material for her pictorial inventio…