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The Colour Green - September 2017

The picture shows an exhibit from an exhibition at the meeting of military clothing in "drap" colours - it was not the recommended attire for entry, as you can see from the photo below of the audience concentrating on one of the talks in the afternoon.  The meeting offered a fascinating tour through the linguistic past of the concept of "green", its cross-cultural perceptions and its fragile memories. 
The first speaker was Fiona Raeside-Elliott on the historical use of various greens in army uniforms. 
Carole Biggam followed with a fascinating journey through the historical thesaurus of English terms for green and all of its possible uses and connotations. Next was Dimitris Mylonas who discussed cross-cultural features of green colour categories in English, Greek and Russian cultures. 
Maria Olkkonen spoke about her fascinating work on the influence of prior knowledge on our memory colours - she also provided the audience with delicious iced green cupcakes and gr…