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The Colour Green - September 2017

The picture shows an exhibit from an exhibition at the meeting of military clothing in "drap" colours - it was not the recommended attire for entry, as you can see from the photo below of the audience concentrating on one of the talks in the afternoon.  The meeting offered a fascinating tour through the linguistic past of the concept of "green", its cross-cultural perceptions and its fragile memories. 
The first speaker was Fiona Raeside-Elliott on the historical use of various greens in army uniforms. 
Carole Biggam followed with a fascinating journey through the historical thesaurus of English terms for green and all of its possible uses and connotations. Next was Dimitris Mylonas who discussed cross-cultural features of green colour categories in English, Greek and Russian cultures. 
Maria Olkkonen spoke about her fascinating work on the influence of prior knowledge on our memory colours - she also provided the audience with delicious iced green cupcakes and gr…

Tour of Unison Pastels Factory - July 2017

The Northern Chapter had a private tour of Unison Colour for its Summer visit. Unison Colour began in the early 1980s when artist John Hersey found that mass-produced, factory-made pastels simply did not offer the qualities he was looking for, so he decided to make his own. Today the company hand-make over a quarter of a million sticks a year! Set amongst rolling hills of the beautiful Northumberland countryside, this family run business is now run by Kate Hersey and her son Dan. For our exclusive visit we were treated to a tour of the pigment room and a demonstration of the art of hand rolling and preparing the coloured pastels. Each colour has a recipe attached to it created by John Hersey to which the friendly staff, all local, adhere to this day. The highlight of the visit was an opportunity to play with the pastels and explore our creative sides.

Our visit culminated with tea and shortbread in the country kitchen around a large wooden table where the members had a chance to ask …